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Table of contents
  1. Compatibility indicators
  2. Spacing indicators
  3. Quick plant mode
  4. Sharing garden screenshots
  5. Collaborating on a garden

For information on creating your first garden and adding plants, visit the Getting Started guide.

Compatibility indicators

You may have noticed green and red circles between your plants. These are compatibility indicators, to help with companion planting.

Green circles mean the adjacent plants are companions and work well together.

Red circles mean the adjacent plants are combative and shouldn’t be planted. These circles also have a darker inner circle to help color-blind gardeners identify them.

Yellow circles mean that some varieties of the plants are companions while others are combative.

Spacing indicators

If you see a circle with 4× in it, that indicates you can plant 4 plants in that square. Each square is one square foot (or 1/9 square meter). For more information, see Plant Spacing

Quick plant mode

You can speed up planting with “quick plant mode”:

  1. Tap “Add Plants”
  2. Make sure the quick plant switch is enabled .
  3. Drag and drop the first plant.
    • If you correctly turned on quick plant mode, it will say “Tap to quick plant” in the bar above the garden after dragging the first plant.
  4. Simply tap on squares to quickly plant subsequent plants.
  5. When done tap the to stop planting or tap “Add Plants” to quick-plant another plant.

Sharing garden screenshots

  1. From the garden view, tap the ⋮ icon and select “Share screenshot”.
  2. The system share dialog should pop up. From there, you can share it to any app or save it.

Collaborating on a garden

  1. Go to Settings in Planter and create a Planter account with email/password.
  2. Send them those credentials so they can login and work on the same garden.

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