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Premium Features

Table of contents
  1. What does “premium” include?
  2. Notes and events
  3. Custom backgrounds

What does “premium” include?

♾ Unlimited gardens
🚫 No ads
📝 Notes
📅 Events: Keep track of when you start seeds, water, fertilize, and more
🎨 Custom backgrounds: Mulch, trellises, and more
😊 A warm, fuzzy feeling for supporting the app developer

Notes and events

Keep notes for individual plants or the whole garden.

Events are similar to notes, except you can add a value to the note, such as watering 1 inch or starting 6 tomato seeds inside.

Custom backgrounds

You can add raised beds, pots, hoses, and more. You can also change the background to grass, mulch, or rocks.

  1. Enter multi select mode, either by long pressing on a square or by tapping the grid icon in the app bar.
  2. After you’re in multi select mode, select the squares to change background for.
  3. Tap the background color palette icon 🎨 to set the foreground or background for the selected squares

For non-symmetric foregrounds, tap the rotate icon to change it to the desired orientation:

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